20 02 2010

I was listening to the radio today and heard an ultra liberal individual making the case that every person is entitled to health care. That it is somehow our right. That because life was chosen for us, we now are entitled to any medical procedure available to continue living, regardless of our lifestyle choices.

I find it odd that it is typically this same uber leftist crowd of liberals that also fight for a womens right to terminate her pregnancy, also referred to as murder her child. I recognize this is a confrontational subject and that there are cases where the mothers life is at stake. But primarily let’s just think about the right to end life through a normal abortion due to an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

Side note: if you are planning to have sex, with or without birth control, you better be willing to accept the outcome regardless! It’s not a mystery as to how babies are made.

Anyway…does anyone else find it ironic that it is typically the same group fighting for health care entitlement as is fighting for womens right to abort life?




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