If it’s on the internet…it’s true!

23 03 2010

Not long ago I decided to start blogging about things that interested me. Topics that I felt dealt with questions swirling around in my mind, interesting reads I’ve had, and theological ponderings to which Christian church leaders are constantly working through.

I’ve never been one to be really fond of writing, but have found that writing out my thoughts in a blog has helped me organize and sort my own mind, bringing a sense of resolution to the musings I have. And, from the looks of the stats on my page, quite a few others enjoy the same thoughts. Whether it’s about sponsoring a child or recognizing God’s moving in the world around us, we are always challenged by each other.

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet! A friend of mine recently told me how he google’d his name, and almost every link on the first page was information about him. Links to facebook, twitter, social security number, address, pictures from last spring break…you know, the usual! (slight exaggeration) That being said, I found out some interesting things about me from google! Most of you have read my thoughts on the blog, but maybe haven’t quite given the “About Me” tab a look. So- to help you out, I’d like to share a few things about me that maybe you didn’t know, but if you google me, are sure to find out!

I’m a former Marine (my bodily features give that away) who found myself in the right place at the right time. On Sept 11 I happened to be in NYC, many thought I was in Spokane, but wasn’t. I had just dropped off my daughter (again – surely a surprise to some) at my mom’s when I heard about the towers. I marine styled my way to ground zero and began to help with the rescue operation. Because of my heroic actions, Extreme Makeover Home Edition even helped out my family by fixing my home in 2007. I have since began to speak around the nation and have my own website (thejasonthomas.com). Actually, I have two websites. One of which that I will not sell you, even if your name is Jason Thomas as well. (jasonthomas.com) While it’s not really a big deal, mostly because we are all apart of the human race, I have black skin. Some may say African American, I choose to say American (but with African descent somewhere in my lineage).

Most of the time I do my singing in the shower or in my car, when I know I’m alone. But somehow, word got out that I have a fabulous voice. When I met my wife, I hated country – she influenced me in love, and now I like country! My new found passion for country music has caused me to start writing and recording some music. (jasonthomascountry.com) It may have also came from my love for the fiddle. Dancing on roof’s is one of my pastimes. (http://www.clairelynch.com/bios/jason.html)

I had a stint playing football back in Junior High, somehow some scouts heard about my amazing skills and talent at second string linebacker, so they asked me to play for UNLV at starting quarterback after graduating High School. At first I was hesitant because I thought this could limit my basketball career, but alas, could argue no longer. (http://www.unlvrebels.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/thomas_jason00.html)

Again- this post is mostly for those of you who don’t really know who I am. Thought I could help you out! What do you find when you google yourself?

*Thanks to @benjamitiss (Ben Sorte) for contributing this thought and process.




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23 03 2010

The first time I recognized my name was a popular name was in 2003 when I attempted to obtain my own website domain name http://www.jasonthomas.com. I found out it was taken, and on his front page he blasted my attempts by stating he would not sell it. Since then, even the guy with the twitter account: jasonthomas wouldn’t give it to me. And he hadn’t tweeted for 6 months, only to start again when I emailed him. I’ve found numerous Jason Thomas’ in Spokane, and as you can see, all over google.

26 03 2010

Wow, you’ve done a lot in your short life so far!

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