NEW STUDY!! Coffee truly makes you slow down!

15 04 2010

Today I had the privilege, nay, the honor of having coffee with one of my close friends- Micah Cruger. It was a fabulous ‘heaven meets earth’ moment as the barista handed me my free Pike Place Drip (second for the day) in honor of my Revolution Mug. And then I found out they were giving out free coffee for anyone with travel mugs today, which sort of shattered my celebratory moment. As Micah and I sat conversing about life, love and mysteries that surround the world in which we live, I found myself feeling a bit absent minded- distracted from a normal mental thought pattern you might say. It could have been the fact that I have been cramming real estate classes, or the fact that I read Mark Batterson’s book “Primal” in a grand total of 2.5 hours yesterday, but regardless, my mind felt a little disconnected.

This had nothing to do with Micah, in fact, he probably helped me back into reality, but what I discovered is that maybe philosophizing, thinking, worrying and pondering about ecclesiological issues too much can cause discontent with the life and journey for which God has created us for. This isn’t to say that we stop asking questions about purpose, like “what were we created for? What does Jesus’ death truly mean for all of creation? How does the church live in such a way that the Spirit of God permeates everywhere the church is?” But maybe it’s time in my life, and perhaps yours, to turn off the philosophy for a moment. Just for a short while. Just long enough to look around, realize that what God created is good, and his will is going to be accomplished. That he is constantly revealing himself to mankind, and that above all he has a longing for a loving relationship with his creation. So maybe the church leadership that you are going to doesn’t seem to do things exactly like you want them to, if it’s not major doctrine issue, let it go and just move on! Most likely we are all in this with the heartbeat of God beating inside of us for others to experience the relationship we have. Worship environments are going to look different. Life choices may not be the same. Vocations won’t all be full time ministry. That’s okay!

So- for this post, and for today. I’m reminded to take a moment to relax. Press the pause button on my philosophical journey of ecclesia musings and just know that he is God. Above all – we are to love him with our heart, soul, mind and strength…and the second is just as important. Love our neighbors as ourselves. This pretty much wraps up what Jesus thought was important….Love God. Love People. Drink Starbucks. Make Disciples.




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