The Art of the Move (pics of our house too)

15 06 2010

After this coming weekend, Sheena and I will have moved 4 times since last March. I think we are close to some kind of record! Last year we sold our Spokane condo in 9 days, and since then have moved as opportunities have presented themselves. This morning we signed the closing documents on our new home, located in Bonney Lake. It’s a foreclosure, so we have a little cleaning to do and need to purchase appliances. On Friday we pick up the keys, and begin our 4th move since being married 4 years ago! This time, we plan to stay a little bit longer!

Fortunately we have downsized quite a bit, so the moving process should go quite quickly. Our closest estimate is 2 hours to load our storage unit and apartment, and  30 minutes to unload with 4 able bodied persons. Soon, I will be blogging and working from my new home office. Recently I passed my Real Estate license exams, so I will be available to help you buy or sell your home sometime in July.

May we continue to realize the grace that God continues to offer us, and may we always desire to know truth.

CLICK PICTURE BELOW FOR PICTURES (sort them by name to view in order as you might walk through the house)




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