What did you want to be when you grew up?

8 09 2010

When I was a kid, I used to dream of being many important things in life. I would sit in my room role-playing myself as the “best quarterback since Joe Montana.” Quietly, so my parents wouldn’t hear me, I’d call out a play – usually pretty basic being around 10 yrs old the play usually consisted of ‘go long and I’ll throw it to you’. I threw countless awe inspiring touchdown in my bedroom, all while shouting with the crowd under my breath. I also remember wanting to be a policeman. Something about being the one with authority and positional respect made my young mind dream. Cops and Robbers- such a fun game. Playing guns with friends, this wasn’t just a game, it was training. I’d sit in the back of my parents car, and marvel as I watched police cars fly by with lights on and sirens going. What kind of boy doesn’t want to do that?

In high school we were required to take the ASVAB test, basically a military test to help us see where we were best gifted for future vocations. I scored highest in Accounting, which I thought was kinda nerdy. I went to the Accounting demonstration during a job fair, and found out that they make a lot of money! Money is nice. So, my first classes in college included Accounting classes. After-all, isn’t that why we go to college, get degress and then jobs? To make money!

Recently I was talking with some friends of mine. Here we are, almost 30 yrs old, in mixed occupations and vocations. Some happy with their jobs, others ready for clarification and change. But each of us unsure of what the future looks like in our lives and vocations. Change is always an option.

When I was a child, I always thought that after college I would have life figured out. I’d be married, in my job that I would love for the rest of my life, have a house, kids and pets. It seemed so simple! Now I look at my 29th birthday coming up, and I wonder…”What will I do when I grow up?” Life is full of changes even in my life. Just when I think I have a plan in place for the future, something changes. In one sense, exciting. In another, frustrating.

Would life be easier if we had all “grown up” and had life go as we planned when we were kids? Maybe. But it’d probably be boring. Most things that we plan to a T are. It’s the surprises, disappointments, struggles and risks that help life become rewarding! If you read my “About me” you can see all the different ‘occupations’ I’ve held. Some I loved, some were just to make some mullah. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s helped create who I am today!

May we always be open to change. Dream of the future, but allow the Spirit of God to direct and lead. He is the creator and sustainer of life. In my opinion, he’s worth trusting.

Coming up: Sheena and I will be hosting a Group for Open Life, meeting weekly for friendship/prayer/laughter and conversations stemming from the book ‘Crazy Love’ by Francis Chan. Be watching for some good posts where I will share thoughts and considerations brought forth through those times!




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