I like to think that I am the luckiest man alive! I have been blessed with a beautiful and loving wife, who I met at a summer camp long ago. I have some great friends who mean the world to me. And on top of all that, I am in love with the Creator of the Universe- and he loved me first.

For the majority of my life, I resided in the Greater Spokane Wa area. Graduated from Medical Lake High School in 2000, Spokane Falls in 2002, Global University in 2004, and I’m currently enrolled at WSU. I’ve been a dishwasher, a bookstore sales guy, pizza delivery man, youth pastor, intern, office manager, contractor, student, and janitor. Not necessarily in that order! I’d have to say, being involved in the lives of students is definitely the highlight of the a fore mentioned careers!

In July of 1999 I met who is now my wife. Sheena (Welk) was visiting Silver Lake as her parents were leading worship for family camp. I was the good looking guy washing the dishes. A Seattle girl, a Spokane boy. Who says long distance can’t work? Letters turned into emails. Emails turned into Instant Messages. IM’s turned into phone calls. Phone calls turned into visits. Visits turned into..you get the idea! We were engaged and married in 2006 and are loving every minute of it! I don’t deserve her, but am grateful to have her!

We now live in Bonney Lake Wa, as of 2010. She’s a nurse. I’m a Real Estate Broker. Life is a journey, we are excited for the ride!


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