What did you want to be when you grew up?

8 09 2010

When I was a kid, I used to dream of being many important things in life. I would sit in my room role-playing myself as the “best quarterback since Joe Montana.” Quietly, so my parents wouldn’t hear me, I’d call out a play – usually pretty basic being around 10 yrs old the play usually consisted of ‘go long and I’ll throw it to you’. I threw countless awe inspiring touchdown in my bedroom, all while shouting with the crowd under my breath. I also remember wanting to be a policeman. Something about being the one with authority and positional respect made my young mind dream. Cops and Robbers- such a fun game. Playing guns with friends, this wasn’t just a game, it was training. I’d sit in the back of my parents car, and marvel as I watched police cars fly by with lights on and sirens going. What kind of boy doesn’t want to do that?

In high school we were required to take the ASVAB test, basically a military test to help us see where we were best gifted for future vocations. I scored highest in Accounting, which I thought was kinda nerdy. I went to the Accounting demonstration during a job fair, and found out that they make a lot of money! Money is nice. So, my first classes in college included Accounting classes. After-all, isn’t that why we go to college, get degress and then jobs? To make money!

Recently I was talking with some friends of mine. Here we are, almost 30 yrs old, in mixed occupations and vocations. Some happy with their jobs, others ready for clarification and change. But each of us unsure of what the future looks like in our lives and vocations. Change is always an option.

When I was a child, I always thought that after college I would have life figured out. I’d be married, in my job that I would love for the rest of my life, have a house, kids and pets. It seemed so simple! Now I look at my 29th birthday coming up, and I wonder…”What will I do when I grow up?” Life is full of changes even in my life. Just when I think I have a plan in place for the future, something changes. In one sense, exciting. In another, frustrating.

Would life be easier if we had all “grown up” and had life go as we planned when we were kids? Maybe. But it’d probably be boring. Most things that we plan to a T are. It’s the surprises, disappointments, struggles and risks that help life become rewarding! If you read my “About me” you can see all the different ‘occupations’ I’ve held. Some I loved, some were just to make some mullah. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s helped create who I am today!

May we always be open to change. Dream of the future, but allow the Spirit of God to direct and lead. He is the creator and sustainer of life. In my opinion, he’s worth trusting.

Coming up: Sheena and I will be hosting a Group for Open Life, meeting weekly for friendship/prayer/laughter and conversations stemming from the book ‘Crazy Love’ by Francis Chan. Be watching for some good posts where I will share thoughts and considerations brought forth through those times!


Friendship Growing-Battery Killing App

20 07 2010

As I write this I’m communicating with one of my best friends through a killer app called “HeyTell“. I believe they have only released it for the iphone currently, but hopefully it’ll be included on your phone in the near future. It basically allows us to use our phones in a “push to talk” fashion. Much like Nextel, or for those of us who remember them, walkie talkies. Without affecting our voice or texting plans, HeyTell runs off our data plan. As soon as I am finished talking and release the button, it sends him the voice message and starts playing on his phone. If his app is not open, he will get a push notification telling him that a new message is waiting for him on HeyTell.

One draw back. The battery seems to drain a bit more. Now, my response is, you take the good with the bad. Because honestly, are we expecting to have a conversation occur from the west coast to the east coast without using energy? And to me, it’s worth the trouble to have to charge my phone a few times more a day if it means I’ll communicate with a friend more often. All of this to say, do what you need to do in order to cultivate and grow your relationships!

The Art of the Move (pics of our house too)

15 06 2010

After this coming weekend, Sheena and I will have moved 4 times since last March. I think we are close to some kind of record! Last year we sold our Spokane condo in 9 days, and since then have moved as opportunities have presented themselves. This morning we signed the closing documents on our new home, located in Bonney Lake. It’s a foreclosure, so we have a little cleaning to do and need to purchase appliances. On Friday we pick up the keys, and begin our 4th move since being married 4 years ago! This time, we plan to stay a little bit longer!

Fortunately we have downsized quite a bit, so the moving process should go quite quickly. Our closest estimate is 2 hours to load our storage unit and apartment, and  30 minutes to unload with 4 able bodied persons. Soon, I will be blogging and working from my new home office. Recently I passed my Real Estate license exams, so I will be available to help you buy or sell your home sometime in July.

May we continue to realize the grace that God continues to offer us, and may we always desire to know truth.

CLICK PICTURE BELOW FOR PICTURES (sort them by name to view in order as you might walk through the house)

A great week always includes sushi, bacon, bbq and friends!

24 04 2010

I love those weeks that are just refreshing. This was almost one of those weeks! Here are a few things that have been happening in my life.

Yesterday morning, while looking at our finances we started talking about Rosalia, the girl we sponsor in Guatemala. We had written her a letter a few weeks back – but still hadn’t heard back from her. Anxious as we were to know if she wanted to communicate back, I said out loud “Come on, Rosalia, we’re helping put you through school – at least write us back!” I said it somewhat joking because even if she didn’t write back, we still wanted to give to help her. We moved to the kitchen and started frying some bacon for an appetizer we were taking to the Open Life BBQ. (I know, Bacon isn’t just an appetizer, it is everything.) On the way out of our parking lot to go to the BBQ, we decided to check the mail. In it was a letter from Rosalia! So cool to hear from her! I can’t even explain how it feels to see the handwriting of a girl that we are giving a better life too. Finding out about her school, her dolls, how she gives her mom a big hug when she leaves for school. Our prayer is that we will be able to watch her whole family come to have a relationship with Jesus through our relationship with Rosalia.

The Open Life BBQ was refreshing as well. So good to hang out with people, in community, who are willing to share their lives with each other. To have the Bartlett’s willing to open their home to  an unknown number of people shows the hospitality spirit that Open Life desires to live out in the Bonney Lake community. We had yard games, meat, laughter, kids, conversation and just a grand ol time!

Rewind a few hours to Thursday, and you find Thad, myself and Sheena sitting at the bar @ Sushi Town next to the Regal Theater in Bonney, enjoying an all you can eat sushi adventure. It’s pretty close to heaven, I’m sure of it. Nothing better than getting to know each other in the presence of raw fish. I left full and happy. Full mostly because of the sushi, happy mostly because I am grateful to be surrounded by people who are truly loving. My friend Thad and I may have different personalities, but to know that we are brothers in this journey of faith, both with a heart to see others enter into a growing relationship with Jesus and living in his kingdom is refreshing.

Sheena and I had a convo with a mortgage company on Friday as well, working on our preapproval for a home. It was refreshing to look at our finances and realize that we have been blessed financially. Not in the sense that we have been given a ton of money, but that we have been fairly responsible with what God has given us. Finding out that our credit scores were both above excellent, the debt we carry is very minimal and limited to a small student loan, and the reality that we could find ourselves living in the community of Bonney Lake is refreshing!

I say almost a totally refreshing week because in all of the incredible blessings we have been apart of this week, I’m also diving in full time into real estate courses. And honestly, sitting through hour after hour learning about deeds, contracts, laws, etc…kinda puts a damper on the mind! Add to it my 10 page rough draft for my research paper, a different document giving a research overview, a microsoft access learning exercise and prepping for an MIS exam sure doesn’t help matters! And yet, I somehow still find time to write this blog, drink more coffee, play wordsfree on my phone with a friend and update my foursquare religiously!

I end this post with a thank you to my many friends and acquaintances who continue to be my encouragement in faith, hope and love! The only thing that would have made this week better would have been to be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean…

NEW STUDY!! Coffee truly makes you slow down!

15 04 2010

Today I had the privilege, nay, the honor of having coffee with one of my close friends- Micah Cruger. It was a fabulous ‘heaven meets earth’ moment as the barista handed me my free Pike Place Drip (second for the day) in honor of my Revolution Mug. And then I found out they were giving out free coffee for anyone with travel mugs today, which sort of shattered my celebratory moment. As Micah and I sat conversing about life, love and mysteries that surround the world in which we live, I found myself feeling a bit absent minded- distracted from a normal mental thought pattern you might say. It could have been the fact that I have been cramming real estate classes, or the fact that I read Mark Batterson’s book “Primal” in a grand total of 2.5 hours yesterday, but regardless, my mind felt a little disconnected.

This had nothing to do with Micah, in fact, he probably helped me back into reality, but what I discovered is that maybe philosophizing, thinking, worrying and pondering about ecclesiological issues too much can cause discontent with the life and journey for which God has created us for. This isn’t to say that we stop asking questions about purpose, like “what were we created for? What does Jesus’ death truly mean for all of creation? How does the church live in such a way that the Spirit of God permeates everywhere the church is?” But maybe it’s time in my life, and perhaps yours, to turn off the philosophy for a moment. Just for a short while. Just long enough to look around, realize that what God created is good, and his will is going to be accomplished. That he is constantly revealing himself to mankind, and that above all he has a longing for a loving relationship with his creation. So maybe the church leadership that you are going to doesn’t seem to do things exactly like you want them to, if it’s not major doctrine issue, let it go and just move on! Most likely we are all in this with the heartbeat of God beating inside of us for others to experience the relationship we have. Worship environments are going to look different. Life choices may not be the same. Vocations won’t all be full time ministry. That’s okay!

So- for this post, and for today. I’m reminded to take a moment to relax. Press the pause button on my philosophical journey of ecclesia musings and just know that he is God. Above all – we are to love him with our heart, soul, mind and strength…and the second is just as important. Love our neighbors as ourselves. This pretty much wraps up what Jesus thought was important….Love God. Love People. Drink Starbucks. Make Disciples.

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