I have a pet named ‘Peavey’

20 07 2010

Okay, so maybe not a real pet, but I’ve noticed that my pet- we’ll call him Peavey” likes to wag his butt every now and then. I’m realizing that I am super particular about some things. I find it very difficult to use something, and not put it back as soon as I’m finished with it. I’ve started cooking a lot more, and my paranoia with having a mess actually causes me to take longer. I’ll use a utensil for an ingredient, but after using it, immediately try to wash it off and put it in the dishwasher before I move on to my next ingredient. I can’t stand to have things just on the counter. If I spill some shredded cheese on the counter when making nachos, most likely, I will try to wipe it up and clean the counter even before I put the nachos into the microwave. Everything has a place, and needs to be there. I like to use the kitchen and my house, but would prefer that it never appeared that way!

I remodeled a few homes with my dad in the past, and was consistently putting tools and supplies away before we were even finished with them. Every tool had a place, and it needed to appear that hadn’t used it. Plus, it’s always frustrating to try to find something when it isn’t where it’s “supposed” to be. Just like my phone, wallet or keys. It has a place. Order. I like it.

A few days ago I forced myself not to clean up until after preparing a meal. I am forcing myself to not worry about perfection. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to just let everything go, but this pet of mine needs to be reminded that he is a pet. Not the owner.

I was going to relate this to my relationship with Jesus, because it totally applies, but to be honest, I’m sure you can draw from your own life experiences and realize how sometimes our lives seem so out of line with Jesus. It’s just refreshing sometimes to reflect on the nature of God, the person of Jesus and the consistent love of his Spirit. Do you have any pets like Peavey that keep you from enjoying life?


So Random

7 07 2010

“Some people call it ‘chance’.” One of my supervising brokers stated to me when I told him of the multiple conversations I was having with people regarding real estate, before I’ve gone through any training. From meeting a couple who are moving over from Spokane, to an owner of a restaurant listening in on the convo to let me know that he may be interested soon. From an individual who is selling their house to the county, to the 200+ views on jasonthomashomes.com logged in 2 days, without content. Is it just chance? Perhaps. But could it be more?

I believe that I am undeservedly blessed. That despite my failures, shortcomings, constant struggles and straight up defiance, God continues to love and provide. Like I’ve stated before, that isn’t always financial. And most of the time I think we go through struggles and hard times to help us realign with the love of the Father. I choose to believe that as I continue to give my life to following Jesus and learning to live and love as he does, that I will be blessed so that I can be a blessing.

Today, while prepping for a youth min message, I met a real estate agent who is moving into Bonney Lake from Alki. We talked about RE for a bit, but ultimately found out that he has gone to church, but never really been too involved. He took down the time and location for Open Life’s sunday gathering, and proceeded to say they would be there this sunday with his family. Is it chance?

I choose to believe that it was a setup encounter, to initiate conversation with someone that God is working on. In fact, I’m trying to believe that every person I meet is a setup encounter. A moment in eternity for me to be Jesus’ love for someone he cares about. Regardless of belief, orientation, race, gender, past, vocation, etc… each person is predestined for a relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit will cultivate, and I will love.

A random post. But something I’m thinking about today.

The Art of the Move (pics of our house too)

15 06 2010

After this coming weekend, Sheena and I will have moved 4 times since last March. I think we are close to some kind of record! Last year we sold our Spokane condo in 9 days, and since then have moved as opportunities have presented themselves. This morning we signed the closing documents on our new home, located in Bonney Lake. It’s a foreclosure, so we have a little cleaning to do and need to purchase appliances. On Friday we pick up the keys, and begin our 4th move since being married 4 years ago! This time, we plan to stay a little bit longer!

Fortunately we have downsized quite a bit, so the moving process should go quite quickly. Our closest estimate is 2 hours to load our storage unit and apartment, and  30 minutes to unload with 4 able bodied persons. Soon, I will be blogging and working from my new home office. Recently I passed my Real Estate license exams, so I will be available to help you buy or sell your home sometime in July.

May we continue to realize the grace that God continues to offer us, and may we always desire to know truth.

CLICK PICTURE BELOW FOR PICTURES (sort them by name to view in order as you might walk through the house)

A great week always includes sushi, bacon, bbq and friends!

24 04 2010

I love those weeks that are just refreshing. This was almost one of those weeks! Here are a few things that have been happening in my life.

Yesterday morning, while looking at our finances we started talking about Rosalia, the girl we sponsor in Guatemala. We had written her a letter a few weeks back – but still hadn’t heard back from her. Anxious as we were to know if she wanted to communicate back, I said out loud “Come on, Rosalia, we’re helping put you through school – at least write us back!” I said it somewhat joking because even if she didn’t write back, we still wanted to give to help her. We moved to the kitchen and started frying some bacon for an appetizer we were taking to the Open Life BBQ. (I know, Bacon isn’t just an appetizer, it is everything.) On the way out of our parking lot to go to the BBQ, we decided to check the mail. In it was a letter from Rosalia! So cool to hear from her! I can’t even explain how it feels to see the handwriting of a girl that we are giving a better life too. Finding out about her school, her dolls, how she gives her mom a big hug when she leaves for school. Our prayer is that we will be able to watch her whole family come to have a relationship with Jesus through our relationship with Rosalia.

The Open Life BBQ was refreshing as well. So good to hang out with people, in community, who are willing to share their lives with each other. To have the Bartlett’s willing to open their home to  an unknown number of people shows the hospitality spirit that Open Life desires to live out in the Bonney Lake community. We had yard games, meat, laughter, kids, conversation and just a grand ol time!

Rewind a few hours to Thursday, and you find Thad, myself and Sheena sitting at the bar @ Sushi Town next to the Regal Theater in Bonney, enjoying an all you can eat sushi adventure. It’s pretty close to heaven, I’m sure of it. Nothing better than getting to know each other in the presence of raw fish. I left full and happy. Full mostly because of the sushi, happy mostly because I am grateful to be surrounded by people who are truly loving. My friend Thad and I may have different personalities, but to know that we are brothers in this journey of faith, both with a heart to see others enter into a growing relationship with Jesus and living in his kingdom is refreshing.

Sheena and I had a convo with a mortgage company on Friday as well, working on our preapproval for a home. It was refreshing to look at our finances and realize that we have been blessed financially. Not in the sense that we have been given a ton of money, but that we have been fairly responsible with what God has given us. Finding out that our credit scores were both above excellent, the debt we carry is very minimal and limited to a small student loan, and the reality that we could find ourselves living in the community of Bonney Lake is refreshing!

I say almost a totally refreshing week because in all of the incredible blessings we have been apart of this week, I’m also diving in full time into real estate courses. And honestly, sitting through hour after hour learning about deeds, contracts, laws, etc…kinda puts a damper on the mind! Add to it my 10 page rough draft for my research paper, a different document giving a research overview, a microsoft access learning exercise and prepping for an MIS exam sure doesn’t help matters! And yet, I somehow still find time to write this blog, drink more coffee, play wordsfree on my phone with a friend and update my foursquare religiously!

I end this post with a thank you to my many friends and acquaintances who continue to be my encouragement in faith, hope and love! The only thing that would have made this week better would have been to be on a cruise ship in the Caribbean…

If it’s on the internet…it’s true!

23 03 2010

Not long ago I decided to start blogging about things that interested me. Topics that I felt dealt with questions swirling around in my mind, interesting reads I’ve had, and theological ponderings to which Christian church leaders are constantly working through.

I’ve never been one to be really fond of writing, but have found that writing out my thoughts in a blog has helped me organize and sort my own mind, bringing a sense of resolution to the musings I have. And, from the looks of the stats on my page, quite a few others enjoy the same thoughts. Whether it’s about sponsoring a child or recognizing God’s moving in the world around us, we are always challenged by each other.

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet! A friend of mine recently told me how he google’d his name, and almost every link on the first page was information about him. Links to facebook, twitter, social security number, address, pictures from last spring break…you know, the usual! (slight exaggeration) That being said, I found out some interesting things about me from google! Most of you have read my thoughts on the blog, but maybe haven’t quite given the “About Me” tab a look. So- to help you out, I’d like to share a few things about me that maybe you didn’t know, but if you google me, are sure to find out!

I’m a former Marine (my bodily features give that away) who found myself in the right place at the right time. On Sept 11 I happened to be in NYC, many thought I was in Spokane, but wasn’t. I had just dropped off my daughter (again – surely a surprise to some) at my mom’s when I heard about the towers. I marine styled my way to ground zero and began to help with the rescue operation. Because of my heroic actions, Extreme Makeover Home Edition even helped out my family by fixing my home in 2007. I have since began to speak around the nation and have my own website (thejasonthomas.com). Actually, I have two websites. One of which that I will not sell you, even if your name is Jason Thomas as well. (jasonthomas.com) While it’s not really a big deal, mostly because we are all apart of the human race, I have black skin. Some may say African American, I choose to say American (but with African descent somewhere in my lineage).

Most of the time I do my singing in the shower or in my car, when I know I’m alone. But somehow, word got out that I have a fabulous voice. When I met my wife, I hated country – she influenced me in love, and now I like country! My new found passion for country music has caused me to start writing and recording some music. (jasonthomascountry.com) It may have also came from my love for the fiddle. Dancing on roof’s is one of my pastimes. (http://www.clairelynch.com/bios/jason.html)

I had a stint playing football back in Junior High, somehow some scouts heard about my amazing skills and talent at second string linebacker, so they asked me to play for UNLV at starting quarterback after graduating High School. At first I was hesitant because I thought this could limit my basketball career, but alas, could argue no longer. (http://www.unlvrebels.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/thomas_jason00.html)

Again- this post is mostly for those of you who don’t really know who I am. Thought I could help you out! What do you find when you google yourself?

*Thanks to @benjamitiss (Ben Sorte) for contributing this thought and process.

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