I have a pet named ‘Peavey’

20 07 2010

Okay, so maybe not a real pet, but I’ve noticed that my pet- we’ll call him Peavey” likes to wag his butt every now and then. I’m realizing that I am super particular about some things. I find it very difficult to use something, and not put it back as soon as I’m finished with it. I’ve started cooking a lot more, and my paranoia with having a mess actually causes me to take longer. I’ll use a utensil for an ingredient, but after using it, immediately try to wash it off and put it in the dishwasher before I move on to my next ingredient. I can’t stand to have things just on the counter. If I spill some shredded cheese on the counter when making nachos, most likely, I will try to wipe it up and clean the counter even before I put the nachos into the microwave. Everything has a place, and needs to be there. I like to use the kitchen and my house, but would prefer that it never appeared that way!

I remodeled a few homes with my dad in the past, and was consistently putting tools and supplies away before we were even finished with them. Every tool had a place, and it needed to appear that hadn’t used it. Plus, it’s always frustrating to try to find something when it isn’t where it’s “supposed” to be. Just like my phone, wallet or keys. It has a place. Order. I like it.

A few days ago I forced myself not to clean up until after preparing a meal. I am forcing myself to not worry about perfection. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to just let everything go, but this pet of mine needs to be reminded that he is a pet. Not the owner.

I was going to relate this to my relationship with Jesus, because it totally applies, but to be honest, I’m sure you can draw from your own life experiences and realize how sometimes our lives seem so out of line with Jesus. It’s just refreshing sometimes to reflect on the nature of God, the person of Jesus and the consistent love of his Spirit. Do you have any pets like Peavey that keep you from enjoying life?


So Random

7 07 2010

“Some people call it ‘chance’.” One of my supervising brokers stated to me when I told him of the multiple conversations I was having with people regarding real estate, before I’ve gone through any training. From meeting a couple who are moving over from Spokane, to an owner of a restaurant listening in on the convo to let me know that he may be interested soon. From an individual who is selling their house to the county, to the 200+ views on jasonthomashomes.com logged in 2 days, without content. Is it just chance? Perhaps. But could it be more?

I believe that I am undeservedly blessed. That despite my failures, shortcomings, constant struggles and straight up defiance, God continues to love and provide. Like I’ve stated before, that isn’t always financial. And most of the time I think we go through struggles and hard times to help us realign with the love of the Father. I choose to believe that as I continue to give my life to following Jesus and learning to live and love as he does, that I will be blessed so that I can be a blessing.

Today, while prepping for a youth min message, I met a real estate agent who is moving into Bonney Lake from Alki. We talked about RE for a bit, but ultimately found out that he has gone to church, but never really been too involved. He took down the time and location for Open Life’s sunday gathering, and proceeded to say they would be there this sunday with his family. Is it chance?

I choose to believe that it was a setup encounter, to initiate conversation with someone that God is working on. In fact, I’m trying to believe that every person I meet is a setup encounter. A moment in eternity for me to be Jesus’ love for someone he cares about. Regardless of belief, orientation, race, gender, past, vocation, etc… each person is predestined for a relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit will cultivate, and I will love.

A random post. But something I’m thinking about today.

The Art of the Move (pics of our house too)

15 06 2010

After this coming weekend, Sheena and I will have moved 4 times since last March. I think we are close to some kind of record! Last year we sold our Spokane condo in 9 days, and since then have moved as opportunities have presented themselves. This morning we signed the closing documents on our new home, located in Bonney Lake. It’s a foreclosure, so we have a little cleaning to do and need to purchase appliances. On Friday we pick up the keys, and begin our 4th move since being married 4 years ago! This time, we plan to stay a little bit longer!

Fortunately we have downsized quite a bit, so the moving process should go quite quickly. Our closest estimate is 2 hours to load our storage unit and apartment, and  30 minutes to unload with 4 able bodied persons. Soon, I will be blogging and working from my new home office. Recently I passed my Real Estate license exams, so I will be available to help you buy or sell your home sometime in July.

May we continue to realize the grace that God continues to offer us, and may we always desire to know truth.

CLICK PICTURE BELOW FOR PICTURES (sort them by name to view in order as you might walk through the house)

It’s a God thing!!…or is it?

29 04 2010

Last night, while working through an assessment and exam on Microsoft Access (Not a hard program, but it’s main flaw it that it’s designed by MS) I needed something to keep my mind working. Often times when using PC programs I tend to get frustrated with it not responding the way a mac would, and it really irritates me. So to keep my mind fresh, I will listen to music or a podcast to allow a balance to occur. Which is what I did last night.

I was listening to a new podcast from Rob Bell @ Mars Hill and he starting ranting on a thought he had while speaking. Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh it was such a God thing!” or “I know, we were so blessed, such a God thing.” I’ve always found it to be an interesting statement, and one that seemed to be so simple and yet just thrown around.

Why is it that only times of “American styled blessing” do we say it’s a ‘God Thing’? I know that the Bible says “every good and perfect thing” comes from God, and I would agree with that statement. But what about the suffering? What about the sacrifices we often have to give and live through? Couldn’t those also be ‘God Things’? We don’t like to say that because we can never imagine a God who asks us to sacrifice, but isn’t that just what Jesus asked us to do if we truly want to follow him? Without sacrificing our own desires and way of life preferences, we can’t truly pick up our cross and follow him.

Therefore, I propose that we stop labeling everything that has a material benefit for us and things that go as we had expected or desired them to as “God Things” and begin to think of life as a God Thing.

Often confusing.

Sacrifices often more Sacred than Blessings.

Money is not God.

Love those who Hate.

Hope for Humanity.

God’s Blessings are Rarely Financial.

Always worth it.

I appreciate Bell. He thinks the way I want to. What is the truth behind the truth? This life isn’t about you, it’s not about me. It’s about a powerful, all present and knowing God who created the earth, and everything on it. It’s about knowing Him, learning to live in unity with His spirit and love. It’s not about fighting to be right, but rather to live a life of sacrifice.

We suffer way too much from sh*t that never happens!

4 03 2010

I follow a select number of people through the phenomenon known as Twitter. Ranging from Pastors, Missional Teachers, Friends, Commentators, and one actor. That one actor I started to follow after watching an interview with Conan, and I’m not 100% sure why! It may have been because he is okay with being who he is. He’s okay with having a beard that looks like it may be a home for the twitter bird. Jim Carrey, often times hilarious, occasionally offensive and sporadically calm. His smile is recognizable, and while I’ve never met him, I think he would be crazy fun to hang out with.

A few days ago he posted a tweet that grabbed my attention. RT @jimcarrey: We suffer way too much from sh*t that never happens! ‘get ready to be ok’! ;^)

Maybe it was the shi*t that caught my attention, but it got me thinking!

Jesus says in Matthews record (chapter 6:25-27)“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life ?

When talking about people who come into contact with the Kingdom of God and truth, Jesus says in Luke 8, “The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature.”

I’ve found that many times I suffer from my perceptions of what others possible perceptions of me. Stress seems to find an open door into my life through worrying too much about the future- allowing stress to affect me before it needs to. Sort of like Jesus warned his disciples in Luke 21:14.

So I’m trying to live my life without worry. Without overwhelming my mind and thoughts with “what if’s”. It’s hard to retrain myself, but I gotta know that I’m “gonna be ok.” Not really because Jim Carrey tells me so, but because I find Jesus speaking his peace into my life. It’s time to stop suffering “way too much from shit that never happens!”

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